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I have a 2002 Audi Allroad, I have been driving without a reverse wire for about 3 months. It got to be a pain because I park in an underground garage in my apartment. Every time I popped out of the garage it would put me half a block into the street. And then because there were skyscrapers all around, I wouldn't get a signal for a while.

Anyways back to the reverse wire. It's a lot easier to get to than I had previously thought. I had searched through all the archives but could not find anything. What you're looking for is on the panel that is directly between the driver side door and the kick panel.

There are two screws holding the panel on. One of them is covered with a dust cover and the other is by the hood release. After you unscrew this panel, you can sort of peel it back towards the door. Don't worry about cracking the panel, it's very flexible. After bending it out of the way, you'll see a bank of plugs. Find the Grey Plug. Its down towards the bottom. On that grey plug, you'll see a blue wire with a red stripe. I found it with my multimeter. Then take that wire and lead it back to the nav-plus unit.

Once you know where the wire is and what color it is, you can do this install in about 15-30 minutes. When you put the car in reverse it doesn't turn the arrow around as I had read somewhere, but when you do go in reverse the arrow stays pointing towards the front of the car, but it moves backwards.

Good Luck. I'm not sure if this also applies to the A6, perhaps someone can confirm this.
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