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For those that did the color matching on the RNS-E.....

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1) Do you feel or think that it would be easier if you pull the LCD off?

2) Or it really didn't matter because the shoe polish went on fine out of the foam pad?

3) Did you use any other means of getting the polish into some of the tight/small cracks?

4) If you had to do it over what/how would you do to make it better?
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I just covered the entire screen with ordinary painter's tape. Getting the polish into the tight spots isn't a problem using just the kiwi applicator. I gave her 2 good coats while it was out of the car and all taped up anyway. You know, I almost forgot I did that back in February. I guess that's a good sign. It holds up well and matches to a T.
did you pull the LCD screen off to get behind it?
todd1010 said:
did you pull the LCD screen off to get behind it?
No. At first I had planned on trying to treat the area behind the screen and the screen's sides but in the end, I deemed it totally unnecessary to treat the areas not seen when the screen is in its viewing position. Heck, I open the screen approximately once every few months for approximately 10 seconds; the colour difference barely registers. Plus, I did the Kiwi application in my kitchen and thus had no means to open and close the screen at the time. :)
I've done 2 S8 installs and blackened the RNS-E whilst in place, the screen cleaned easily with standard glass cleaner and looked great afterwards.

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