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FM antenna adapter clarification?

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1st of all, cheers to those that have figured out the US DVD patch!!..

2nd i have a question about the antenna adapters.. i have a US Symphony (in-dash 6-cd + tape).. when i looked on the back of my radio i thought it had a diversity antenna, so wouldnt i need this one??.

i've posts saying this one is correct..

lastly, are the required connectors the same for the European and US RNS-Es??

thanks for the clarification..
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The 136 adapter is the one you need if you have a CD based NAV+
installed, the second one is for the Symphony II. You simply remove
the plastic cover from the diversity Fakra plug and insert it in the
plastic cover of the Kufatec adapter. That's how Justin described it
when he posted his Allroad RNS-E upgrade.

There is no difference between EU and US RNS-E units in regards to
the connectors.
cool, thanks..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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