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I'm listening to music, and want to see the map. I reach over, press NAV, then MAP, and return my hand to the wheel.
When I look back, it's still on the initial NAV screen, not the map.

What I actually need to do is press NAV, then wait nearly 2 seconds for the silly opening effect to finish, THEN press Map.

It either needs to react to button presses instantly, without visual effects (Zooms, smooth scrolls, etc) or queue up button presses, instead of making us wait between presses.

They warn us about distractions, then go out of their way to make the software as distracting as possible.

One other item: If I want to eat breaksfast at a particular restaurant somewhere along my way, I can spell out the name, see a list, but then, I'm forced to choose ONE location, with only the steer address to go by.
If I'm unfamiliar with the area, I can't tell if the accress I'm about to choose is ahead of, or behind me. I'd need a MAP to pick one I can get to easily.

Better option: After I spell, for example, "IHOP", show all of them on the map, as it currently does for Audi service locations.
As I move along, draw a route to each closest one as I approach and pass by.

The same thing applies to ATM's (So I can find the closet one for MY bank, not all of them.)
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