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Final(Hopefully) Bluetoot Question

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Ok, so i have 1 final(man i hope question) I have my bluetooth model connected and fixed the K wire so i can access the bluetooth model and have it coded now 00727 i think..

The only issue i have is that I can not get any of my phones phonebooks loaded.. I have tried my Nokia 6600, a Nokia N90 and a Motorola Razar.. The memory option under the telephone is always gray and all the items are also gray under that catagory..

Is there something i am missing or maybe my bluetooth module needs to be flashed? Is model 8P0 862 335 B.

I connected the K wire into the RNS-E, plu number 5 and was immeditatly able to connect via Vagcom finally..

I do not get a Bluetooth symble or "BT" anywhere on my screens, excepet when my phone first connects and the DIS says BT on, the DIS does show "incoming call", or "call"

Thanks again for everyone's help.
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Hmmm.. I am not sure.. I think it is the 2006 disc.. Ya i am pretty sure that Steve said it was the new 2006 disc.

How can i check that, put in the computer or can i access that via the enginierring mode??
nice, i have a 6600 as well. i hope you are able to get it working!
This is mostlikely coding problem, set your TEL module to 0010777 and your RNS-E code for TEL to 3 (look at my coding under SIG)
That's it! I had the same problem. I was coded to 0000777. Changed it to 0010777 and I get the BT sign and my recent calls come up.
Would coding via VAG-COM still be needed after installing the BT telephone kit in an Audi A3 (november 2005) with RNS-E (330) with multifunctional steering wheel?

I don't know who would be able to do that for me here in Belgium... :?
probably because the BT module comes from the factory with 0000000 coded. At least mine did. An Audi dealership should have vag-COM or you can buy one for $300-$400. I figured that when I'm spending $1500 on RNS-E and $500+ on BT and $400 on SAT, why not spend another $300 for vag? It's well worth it in my opinion.

-- Craig
True, it is nice to have it not only for coding radio but to know when somoething is bad with your car.

If you don't want to spend it you can always find somone who got it and pay him few $ to do it.

You can use VAG TOOL LOCATOR to do it ;)
Well deffintly making progress. I used Proxus vagcodes and it is deffiunlty an improvement, i now get teh BT symbol, but i still can not get my Nokia 6600 or the Nokia P90 to sync at all. I do now have a list of dialed calls through the BT module..

I paired a Motorola Razar and have access to the phones call logs, but still no access to the phonebook.. I tried saving a contact to the phone and not hte sim but no luck. I checked the phone settings and it is set to display all contacts..

Tomorrow I will try a Motorla V360 and see..Mybe the T-Mobile Razars are just BT 1.1 and the Eurpoean ones are 1.2 or something..

But deffintly some progress so far!!

Were you able to achieve full functionality with the Nokia 6600?
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