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FF CD Changer wont work with my navi...

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Can any body help.My FF in glove box cd changer wont work with my navi plus.When i reinstall my symphony 11 the cahnger works fine.For some reason my navi cant find the changer.The navi its self works fine in all other aspects but the cd changer...Can any body help???? :idea:
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This is exactly the problem I've had since Spring this year, so far nobody has come up with a solution. My glove box CD changer works with my Symphony II (giving me 12 CDs), but not with my RNS-E.

I've used RNS-E SW versions 0080, 0100 and 0360.
I've tried following yargnat's advice on when to load a CD.
I've looked at CD changer part numbers (including suffix) - mine even has a label on top saying "fur RNS" - connections in the adapters, grounding, etc - but so far no joy.

It's really irritating - I might just give in and get an iPod!
Navi Has now been sacked.......Its on ebay next week.good old reliable symphony 11.... :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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