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Faulty Drive or ?

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The Disc drive in the RNS-E unit seem not working well and will not recognize that a DVD/CD is installed after you turn the unit off.
Each time you shut the RNS-E unit off and turn it back on you have to open the screen and eject & re-insert the disc to get it to read it. The unit says (No map disc). Any ideas as to what causes it? Thanks for any help...
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If it's OEM disk then it is mostlikely drive issue (optics to be exact).
If it is backup it will be probably media problem. AFAIK Verbatim is the best for backups.

Drive reads first time, loads map and then when power is turned off and on it fails to read it...W
Is the map disc that it won't read when you first power on an original Audi DVD or a copy?
Drive nor reading after power cycling

Yes the DVD is original C version, weird, when powercycle does not read it again. W
Sounds like the DVD optics are faulty (as PROXUS has already said).

If your RNS-E came factory fitted, go back to the dealer and get it replaced under warranty. If you fitted it yourself, then you have 2 options - if it's never worked properly go back to the seller, but if it's gone faulty then you need a new DVD drive. I remember seeing a thread on here about how to replace the DVD drive - can anyone give a link?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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