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Farenheit DVD-36?

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Now that the US version is confirmed to accept the video input, I started looking at DVD players.

I found the Farenheit DVD-36 for $120. Does anyone have any experience with this brand. This unit is black so it blends in better than the Blaupunkt. Also it does not have a TV tuner. (which is fine with me because tv reception in motion is horrible at best) :)
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Just be sure to get external IR so you can navigate it without glovebox open.
Most of those DVD players have them

There is plenty of player out there like

Acelle for $52



Pyle for $88

You can find more of them here:
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sorry, i dont have any experience with them..

but my friend has a PYLE 120 (122 has TV-tuner).. it seems to work pretty well (~$70 on ebay).. he has had problems loading DVDs with sticker labels on the top, but that is somewhat to be expected.. the faceplate is black, but much cheaper feeling that my Blaupunkt ME3..

i initally didnt think i would like the silver ME3, but i have the aluminum trim and i ended up looking pretty nice..

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