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Euro RNS-E: Traffic Program (TP) and battery drainage

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this has come up in the yahoo forum. Apparently, TP can drain your battery, if not turned off. Has anyone else seen this?

Thread below:

I never heard of this being a problem. Probably because I live in the US and don't use/need the TP/Traffic Program function. Maybe this is more of an issue in the UK/Europe. I guess it makes sense, the TP can pull information for 24 hours while the car is off. Although, I can't imagine that 24 hours of usage would drain a brand new battery. It must be drawing some serious current....or maybe it's relying on the TMC/CAN gateway and the diversity amplifier system to support it.

However, if the TP function is set up to do this while the ignition is off, then why wouldn't others with the OEM (factory installed) Nav+ have this problem. Could it be that this is an isolated incident?

I'll post something in the so the folks with the Euro RNS-E are aware of this potential problem.

Also, I have added that info to my post in so t

Thanks for sharing that with us/me.

Stephen P <[email protected]> wrote:
I felt that after having this exact problem, I should throw my two cents in.

My nav install has been an on going project for years. I had no idea what TP
was, nor did I think it was important because everything supposedly worked
fine. That was until I started having problems starting the car, and then
eventually I needed to jump the car all the time. It was after I had to
replace my battery that I realized something was wrong.

Many hours and many dollars were spent diagnosing why my battery died. It
was narrowed down to the van (not sure what this is). I spent days searching audinav through the
6000+ posts looking for an answer as well as asking for help.
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I haven't seen this while using my Euro RNS-E over 3-4 months. TMC was turned off but TP was shown as inactive (no way to turn that really off).
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