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EU RNS-E HIGH to US with 2006 0110 firmware - DONE

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I have latest 2005/6 EU unit HIGH so I tought that I will sel it for EU buyer, but I was curious if converting HIGH unit will be possible. I rewrited index values to top current ones and update was taken \:D/

It's just amazing, everything works perfect AM / FM / SAT
So now I have HIGH US unit with hardware 70....sweeet :D

Just to let you know that it is working.
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But the question remains: What does Hardware 70 do for us?
i think it will do SDS - voice control all components not just phone which is not controled by rnse anyways.

What EU unit do yo have?
It was 8H0 035 192 A
(It's sold already)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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