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Engineering mode for Audi Navigation+ RNS-E

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1) Turn on RNS-E.

2) Press the NAV button and release.

3) Press the top-left cursor button for 5 seconds and release.

4) Press the top-right cursor button for 5 seconds. Hold until the screen changes.




check for more pictures in ALBUM
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Yes, I have read this thread, and also German, English, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish Audi pages, and my own two years fiddling with the RNS-E, but I'm still curious about most of the different settings in Engineering mode, and what their purposes are.
Any new findings?
Maybe someone could create a wiki somewhere where we all could share our knowledge or assumptions to each page in the engineering mode?

I'm particularly interested in what the options under 'Radio testmenu3' does, and also on the 'Location Information' what the options there are for.

Regarding 'Radio testmenu3', I think I read somewhere that the audio volume reading in the top left corner is the level which the RNS-E will return to after it has been shut off, and that by turning the volume knob while in 'testmenu3' you can adjust it and the new level will be saved when you exit engineering mode. Haven't tried it, will do that tomorrow.

1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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