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Looking through ELSAWIN there was a section "97 Wiring/Component Protection" that stated that Component Protection could be "deactivated" . Another sentence states "If Component protection is active in the drive authorisation system it will be active for all other components...." Does anyone know this to be true? It would be nice to be able to disable it to install all the components necessary for upgrades without having to go to an Audi dealer every time!

I am wondering whether one of the VAS5054A cracks might be capable of doing this? Most probably needs GEKO connection to disable component protection on the drive authorisation system (J518)?

Statements below from ElsaWIN "97 wiring/Component Protection":

Component protection

Most of the control units are equipped with component protection.

In the event of replacement, the new control unit must be adapted to the vehicle via an on-line link. Failure to do so will result in activation of the component protection for the newly installed control unit.

If component protection is active, the new control unit in the vehicle will only operate to a limited extent (e.g. no rev. counter function). Component protection is active:

t when you install a new control unit.

t when you install a control unit from a different vehicle.

If the component protection function in the drive authorisation system is activated, it will be active for all other control units with component protection as well.

The immobilizer function is not a component protection function.

For deactivation of component protection, refer to → vehicle diagnostic tester. <<<<<

I CAN CONFIRM that when I have powered up a spare CAN gateway on my desktop with a 12v DC supply NO COMPONENT PROTECTION was active. I also wired off the CAN gateway a new cluster I was able to access it and configure it without it showing up with Component Protection active.... This then leads to the statement that the Drive Authorisation unit must be visible and have component protection activated... So with no Drive Authorisation module - no component protection active for individual modules.

Here is a link describing GEKO which is the system which policies the component protection and how EU nations must have CP enabled:;jsessionid=9887F2

FROM SSP 296 (VAS 5051)

Central data base FAZIT
An essential immobilizer 4 component is the central data base FAZIT at Audi in Ingolstadt.
FAZIT in German stands for Vehicle information and central identification tool. This data base contains all the theft-specific data of the control units integrated into the "Immobilizer" and "Component protection" functions.
The control units involved cannot be adapted without an on-line link to FAZIT.

Access requirements for mechanics
All users of the GeKo system (standing for security and component protection) with the tester functions "Immobilizer adaption", "Radio code enquiry" and "Component protection" must be individually registered in the dealership user administration system.
The registration procedure includes the release form, which is sent to the importer or regional sales centre as confirmation.
Following access authorisation, the mechanic receives a personal user ID and password.

Immobilizer control unit
To date, vehicles were either fitted with separate immobilizer control units or the control system was integrated into the dash panel insert. Both are possible with immobilizer 4.
In the Audi A8 '03, the immobilizer is integrated into the entry and start
authorisation control unit -J518. On this vehicle, the dash panel insert is not part of the immobilizer, but does form part of the component protection system (refer to Pages 18 and 19).
On-line adaption is the only means of releasing the control unit.

Engine control unit
All engine control units form part of the immobilizer and their release involves on-line adaption.

Adaption for immobilizer 4
All immobilizer adaption function menues are implemented as part of "Assisted fault-finding" mode and are menu-driven. The functions are vehicle-specific. Use can therefore not be made of the "Other vehicles" option (see below).
The engine cannot be started for 5 minutes if one or more of the following components has/have been adapted:
– Steering column lock control element
– Entry and start authorisation control unit
– Key set with new first key


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Also from Audi Portal description of J518:

Entry and start authorisation control unit - J518

The entry and start authorisation control unit -J518- performs four basic functions:
I Integrates steering column lock control element -N360-.
I Terminal control for terminals 15, 75x, S and engine start (terminal 50 indirect)
I Forwarding of remote signals from remote key/ignition key received by switch -E415 to the convenience system central control unit -J393.
I Immobilizer and component protection

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I think now reading again those statements its a play on words:

1. If you install a new J518 Drive Authorisation System - component protection will be active and ALL components with component protection will suddenly have it applied as CP is controlled from this unit and these other modules must need to somehow be adapted to this module

2. For deactivation of component protection, refer to → vehicle diagnostic tester. <<<<<
I believe this statement means if a component shows up with Component Protection then you need to deactivate it via a VAS5054A with connectivity to online database in Ingolstadt - FAZIT via GeKo

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Very interesting thread! I am trying to build up a table setup of a Golf 7 (or Audi A3) entertainment system.

So it appears component protection would not kick in, if there is no immobilizer unit in the system, right? Does anybody know if this is also true for the component protection used in the VW Golf 7 cars?

In the first step, I would like to combine a CAN gateway with a radio. So in this step, component protection should not kick in I assume.

In the 2nd step, I want to add an instrument cluster, steering wheel control unit and multifunction steering wheel into the setup.

Now the crucial question: In the Golf 7 the immobilizer appears to be a distributed function of the instrument cluster together with the motor control unit. Does anybody know if just adding the instrument cluster (without a motor control unit) would cause the other control units (especially the radio) to go into component protection?
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