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Well, with a little experimentation, I've come up with a streamlined procedure to convert iTunes MPEG4 song files to MP3 and then transfer them to SD card for use on the RNS-E. I have been using 2GB SD cards with no problems.

1.Highlight selection in iTunes of songs you wish to convert. Right click and select "Convert to MP3"
2. After files are converted, unhighlight the selection and right click on one of the songs you just converted. Select "Show Song File" and you will now see all the song files, both MPEG4 and MP3 conversions, with the individual song names.
3. Select "Create A New Folder" from the choices on the left. I then label this file with the artist name and album name.
4. Drag and drop only the MP3 files into the new folder. They will be in order of the original album's song order. Do not copy the MPEG4 files into this folder as the RNS-E will not play them.
5. Highlight the file you just created and select "Move this Item" from the choices on the left.
6. Select the destination to move the file as the drive with you SD card in it.

As a way to organize your music better on the SD card, create a folder with the artist's name on the SD card and then drag and drop the individual album folders into the artist's folder. This is a great way to keep the SD card organized, especially while driving. You cut down on the number of folders displayed and makes it easier to make a selection of what you want to hear. It would be nice if the Audi iPod interface worked this well!

Hope this helps all of you trying to get your songlist onto SD cards. :D
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