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DVD Video in Motion and Additional Screen in roof..

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Now i need another project now the RNS-E and Bluetooth are done.

Was thinking of a DVD in the glovebox....something like this...

Then adding a drop down screen in the roof lining, like this.

Could this be done with tee dietz and have the RNS-E screen running at the same time..?
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could be done easily

for the video on your rns-e you'll need the dietz 1280 (video in motion) and 1417 (video input)

the dvd player, and simply use a Y jack at the output on the dvd player and run wires to both the drop down screen and to the dietz 1417 unless the dvd player already have 2 set of outputs
yes exactly.. west_aust said..

please post pics when you add the drop-down..
Oh both, starting to sound expensive...

Where is the best place to get the dietz adapters..?
I get mine from here, very quick and not too expensive.

there was a 1280 for sale here in the classifieds..

also BayrischerS4 sells them in the US..
I've got a DIetz 1280, an Alpine Din size DVD player in the glovebox and an 10" Alpine roofmount flipdownscreen. It look fabulous and the quality is also very good of both Alpine screen and RNS-E picture.

However this was very expensive: including installation around 1800 Euro.

If I had to do this again I would use <This very good> chinese flipdown screen with integrated region free DVD player. You can install it very quick by just tapping 12v of the internal light, it has remote control included, looks neat and has good quality. For about 250 - 300 Euro.

This is also pretty cool:

I know they don't support video through the RNS-E screen, but I must admid I never ever use it and Just use the roof screen for my kids.[/url]
Any pictures of the install....?
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