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DVD rom transplant...

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First off I hope none of you have to do this but if you are forced to, understand its not all that bad...

Well seeing that my personal RNS-E has 0360 s/w and I need a RNS-E Nav for this weekends big NE drive I figured I would try something. I had one nav laying around with a jammed DVD rom drive. The unit needs to be sent back to Germany to my supplier but I figured I would attempt a transplant before hand.

I don't take responsibility for anyone screwing up their unit if they attempt this...

Can anyone see the trouble spot?

BTW, she works :wink:
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i need to do the same thing..but i did manage to get my dvd disc in i guess no NEED to change it if my navigation still works no?just cant ever take it out or use CD's...anyway SD rocks...

Did you realize any signs or labels on the laser pickup?
Or does anyone know the manufacturer of the pickup and maybe the product no.? Do you think that the drive is customized for the RNS-e?

What kind of error did you observe Germandriver?

Any chance of a write up of what you did, I would also like to swap some drives around.
I will provide a writeup with detailed pictures when I reinstall the new drive which should be here in about 14 days.

As far as warnins go with labels there was nothing. The drive was removed by it is not as though it is traceable. No stickers were ripped that said "If this seal is broken..." It was a fairly straightforward removal but tricky finding out how to get at all the screws.
can i swap my cd base rear car load to a dvd rom and just have my color cluster display?
jupiterfish said:
can i swap my cd base rear car load to a dvd rom and just have my color cluster display?
Hi, can you or someone tell me where to buy this DVD player seperately?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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