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dvd rom keeps spitting/spinning/stuck...

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well one day i needed to use i put in a disc..and it seems to have trouble getting i give it a little tap and it goes...but it keeps i try the eject button and i take a cd and use it to clear around the materal that(i guess cleans the disc before entering drive/protective to the drive) anyway i see the navi disc and its sitting there i use the cd to give it a push downward and it starts reading...phew im like ok let me get where i need to and when i come back ill mess with it i get home and go to remove the only comes out a little less then a quaters i wait...and i slowly pull it out and i havent touched the navi nor put in any disc except use the radio(but when i do turn on the car,i hit accept and then a display comes along saying cd/dvd disc not instered) please help i feel as if i should just leave the disc in there forever and not every pull out the disc for any matter! help please! :cry:
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A few people reported that their DVD drive came loose during transport. Did you take a look after removing the top cover? Might only be a little off. There are also several sensors to detect the media location, maybe one is not mounted right and confuses the unit. If nothing helps, one guys had success getting his local Alpine shop repair his DVD ROM after some springs came out of the unit.

Good luck...
If you are local I can help you out. Those DVD drives are pretty weak and mounting bracket on the right part can get loose easy. As AudiA4B6US said you need to open upper cover and check if springs and holding brackets are in place.
This seems to be a very comon problem. I've found a source for just the DVD drives in Germany, and have an order in for a couple replacements. The supplier also gave me step by step directions on the replacement procedure (doesn't seem very difficult). I'll keep you posted on the outcome.
thanks...ill attempt to open it up and hopefully not break anything...thanks guys!
this may be the first thing i walk away with absoutly no solution!...ffs! i build computers...I know how cd-roms work and how to repair them...but this! oh my i feel stupid...i simply dont know...everything seems to be working properly...i messed around with the springs...i figured i shove my navi dvd in there..and leave it! is that a bad thing to do? leaving my navi dvd in there pretty much until someone(b5retrofit) does a how-to on intsalling dvd drives...UGH i spent one hour of my lifetime just mind boggled! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :evil: :evil:
blah im gonna go in a corner and cry lol...time to spend a hundred dollars on some sd card now..ARG!
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