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DVD player threw cd changer controlls

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Hey guys, I have a new A3 with the DVD based GPS system and a cd changer in the glove box. I dont need the cd changer as I use the SD cards for music and wanted to know if there is a way to hook up a DVD player threw that conection with some sort of adapter of course.
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if you have a European unit, you will need a Dietz 1417 (or similar) and an external DVD player.. for video-in-motion you will need a Dietz 1280 (or similar)..

for detail see this link (including the links within):

it has not yet be confirmed whether or not a external video source can be hooked up to a US unit.. some with a US unit has a Dietz 1417 on order for testing.. and i have a US unit on the way..

hope to have confirmation soon..
yes you should have a US unit -- (I guess we should say "North American" RNS-E instead of US :wink: )

the 1417 is connected to the larger gray connector, not the CD changer input..

there is no need to disconnect your cd changer other than for more space in your glovebox..
yes you must remove the unit to plug in the grey connector.. the unit is easily removed with radio removal keys - you can find a set for ~$20.. or just have the dealer pull it out for you - if they arent busy, they may do it for free..

the 1st link shows alot of extra work to mount AUX A/V jacks.. hooking everything up is very easy.. finding a place to hide the Dietz devices, wires, TV antenna, and such is a bit more time consuming - but still pretty easy..

the 2nd link shows the back of the unit and the 2 little black boxes that make up the Dietz 1417 multimedia interface.. the box that plugs into the grey connector is essentially an RGB converter, contrast/brightness control, and audio input.. the 2nd box (with the white arrow) is taped into the CAN-BUS to emulate the factory TV tuner -- or in other words, it tells the RNS-E that there is a A/V source connect over CAN..

not sure if i answered all your questions or not, but hope this helps..
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very true.. this thread did dive into the details without addressing the original question..

"Will the DVD player be controlled by the front panel buttons on the RNS-E?"

and i totally agree, it is extremely unlikely that a DVD player can be connected so it will be controlled with the front panel buttons on the RNS-E..

sorry for not commenting on that earlier..
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