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DVD player threw cd changer controlls

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Hey guys, I have a new A3 with the DVD based GPS system and a cd changer in the glove box. I dont need the cd changer as I use the SD cards for music and wanted to know if there is a way to hook up a DVD player threw that conection with some sort of adapter of course.
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I'm just wondering if we've all missed something basic here?

In diving straight into the detail of where and how to connect a DVD player to the RNS-E, we haven't asked this question "Will the DVD player be controlled by the front panel buttons on the RNS-E?" (which is what this thread should be about)

- only if firstly it's connected to the CD changer pins and secondly it uses the same commands as the Audi CD player. Which IMHO seems unlikely - unless someone else knows different of course.

Of course the DVD player can be connected as is being described - but then surelyit WON'T be controlled "threw(sic) the cd changer controls" as coombs is asking?
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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