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DVD palying

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I'm a bit confused so can someone set me straight...

Wondering if you can play a DVD movie on a "stock" RNS-E
while the car is not moving....or do you need to add something like
a Dietz 1417 to make that work?
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The RNS-E does not play movies, you will always need an eternal DVD player and either the OEM TV tuner or a video adapter like the Dietz.
So you get a compact DVD player...and the Dietz adaptor and away you go?

Is the Dietz adaptor required for staitonary play (because you need some way to input the signal to the NAV unit) or just moving play to filter the CAN signal?

Any idea on ballpark price that the Dietz 1417's are going for?

Suggestions on compact DVD players? Ballpark costs?
You need one Dietz to get the Audio/Video in and the other to have video in motion. Search the forum for recommendations for players and price for the interfaces.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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