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Yes, I know, I know, this is a much discussed issue with not much resolution. But I think I have a slight twist to it. I have an RNS-E, which will read CD's but not the navigation DVD (original or copy).

What I have found is, that it seems to read single layer DVD's Ok, as a matter of fact, I just updated the unit from a double-layer DVD, and it went fine. But it sees the disk as an update CD only, which means it is probably not seeing the second layer. So I am thinking it might just be an alignment issue, but i have no idea of how that is done. I am guessing that there is only one DVD laser, which is refocussed to read the second layer.

I have searched the web for more info, but have come up fairly blank. Does anybody have a lead for a repair shop doing re-alignment? Or some links to more info, I would like to understand it better.

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