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DRM songs

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Does anybody know how to get music coded (yes, I purchased it!) in DRM to play on the RNS-E?

I've used microsoft media player 10.0 and the sync option, it plays on my mobile phone (o2), but not on the RNS-E. Comes up with unknown files.

Anybody had any luck?
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You will need to go back to plain MP3, the RNS-E doesn't take any other format but that. Worst case you will have to create a CD from your DRM songs and the rip the CD to MP3.
Ok, I have found a workaround...

Burn the music to a CD, I used windows media player.

Then rip the music from the CD (again, using windows media player) back to your hard drive.

Use MP3TAG to convert the tags properly. Not sure if this is actually really needed, but did it anyway.

Copy the new files to the flash card using explorer.

Put them in the RNS-E and all worked fine!

Good luck.
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That's the way it works, just plain MP3 with no DRM. Glad to hear that you fixed your issue.
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