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Doubt about RNS-E and A4(B5) with red DIS

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I've a friend with a B5 (2000 year) and a RNS-E installed, but the DIS doesn't show any about navigation. I think that it's a poor install (with a CAN emulator), can anybody confirm me that the orange DIS works on a B5? And some pics would be nice!!

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When the CAN emulator is installed you will never get the DIS working. The CAN emulator will only translate the dedicated signals for speed, ignition and light to CAN signals but it won't convert CAN signals to the three wire bus required by your instrument cluster.

I read once that there is a CAN emulator out there which converts the CAN signals from a Symphony II or Concert II to 3 wire CLK/DATA/ENABLE but even that converter didn't support the RNS-E.
Thanks, this is what I think, so, the red B5's red DIS works with the RNS-E with a correct install? Can anybody post any picture of a B5 cluster with this?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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