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double Din cage

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Ok i have one of these double din cages.
I need this to convert my single din to double din
but i was wondering if anybody ever did something like this ?

do i just remove the radio(concert) and airco and disconnect the cables ?
then unbolt the single ding cage ?
in short is this a easy thing to do, if you never have actually done something like that ?

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There's a lot to changing out a single DIN cage. I just did this last month. I started documenting (without pictures). I will wrap it up and post it.

In short you need to:

- remove glove box
- Remove the facia under the steering wheel
- take apart emergency brake
- remove center console
- replace cage
- put back together.

Took me about 6 hours, but after I document should only take you about 2 hours.

Oh, by the way, this is for a B6 A4.

- Craig
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damn thats alot of stuff i need to remove to get the cage out and back in.

any idea if i can do it on my own ? or if i should just let somebody experienced do it ?
dont want to break something in the procces.

since i am bassicly removing everything on the left and right side
and why do i need to take apart the e-brake ?
because you are also removing the whole center console.

Can you do it yourself? I don't know, but I had no prior experience and was able to accomplish it.

I did forget to mention that you also have to grind down the sides of the climate control and cut a little bit of the center console. This is actually the trickiest part. A dremel tool helps out greatly with this.

I'll post better instructions later and you can decide for yourself. But NAV is well worth the trouble.
Here are some pictures from a B6 single to double DIN conversion (Scroll down a couple of postings until you see the pictures).
interesting pictures
how easy are these parts removed ?
any hard time getting some parts removed or unscrewed due to location of screws and parts being stuck ?

i also received this pdf in german also sadly

i am considering doing it myself since i bet a dealer would ask way to much money for this. IF he even wants to do it.
its just the part where i am scared i might mess up on something or cant get it back togheter.

btw can i temporally put my concert radio back in ?
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AudiA4B6US said:
Here are some pictures from a B6 single to double DIN conversion (Scroll down a couple of postings until you see the pictures).
Link appears to only work if you have a login on Navi Forum.
yeah i noticed that also.

anybody got an idea if the concert can still be fitted in the new cage ?
Sorry about the broken link. I don't think the Concert fits in the double DIN cage. It may get in but I guess it will not lock and since it's sitting lower, the faceplate may be to wide.
The Concert will not fit back in a Double DIN cage - I guess it could be propped up in there using a DIN sized box or something, but it won't stay on its own as it needs to go at the very top of the cage.

I did not have a any instructions when I did my Centre Console rip-out - it does come out quite easily without removing the glovebox. The worst bit was removing the armrest. The advantage I had was a new Double-DIN centre console which looks nearly identical - so I could see what bolts went where.

When I say easily... you car does look like this after its out!! At this stage the two cages are easily interchangeable. :shock:

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