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does the RNS-E have ultraspeed for SD cards?

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is it faster in reading an ultraspeed card or is it just the same? i'd like to know to see if its work investing the extra 25% on an ultra card.

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It's less the faster read/write speed (which doesn't get you anything in the RNS-E) but the more reliable access to the data. Some normal SD cards have been mentioned to work but you should avoid MLC cards. Brand name low speed cards like the SanDisk should be OK although I would recommend to get high speed cards, it's just more fun to put new songs on them once in a while.
so the sandisk ultra II would be better than the normal sandisk cards?

you mean the read speed of the RNS-E on both a normal and ultra card is the same? but the data will be more 'reliable' on an ultra card?
Correct, more reliable yes, faster in the RNS-E no.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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