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So I'm in the middle of trying to get the darn glovebox liner out and in the process I found another possible location to mount the antenna...

When you pop off the trim piece from the side of the dash/glovebox that is between the door and dash...there's a black metal support bar. The antenna mount flush perfectly, however it is in a vertical position. Bascialy the "top" of the antenna is facing out towards the passenger door. It's about even (height wise) with the beltline trim of the dash.

Will this location work or should I keep trying to get the glovebox liner out?

Thanks to everyone for the ongoing install support!javascript:emoticon(':lol:')

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See my reply in the CD Navigation forum - the staellite sigbnal is VERY weak and the GPS an tenna should be mounted horizontally - otherwise you will find the RNS will be slow go get a GPS fix when you turn on and will be much more likely to lose the fix when driving (especially when the satellites are low in the sky or you are driving through woods).

The location you mention will screen the signals a lot and you will get poor performance. Take the pain and find the remaining screws to get the glovebox out. There's 3 rows - along the top, in the back and along the bottom.
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