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Do all Audi DVDs work in all RNS-E units?

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i got an A4 with an RNS-E unit and looking to get the NAVTEQ disc for it. I've seen people on ebay and other sites selling discs out of A8 and A6... will they work in all units especially my A4 unit?
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A8 & A6 disks are MMI, not RNS-E.

Only the last production models of A6 upto 2005 came with RNS-E's installed, so I would say that nearly all disks for A6 and A8 are MMI and not compatible

Plenty of RNS-E disks on ebay

RNS-E is also MMI :wink:
All systems use Multi Media Interface. But that's true A8/A6 DVDs are different than other ones. Also eBay is full of EU DVD maps. It's way harder to get US DVD maps but you can order directly from NAVTEQ for $199.
RNS-E does have MMI technology....

But the A6/8 disks are clearly marked MMI and the RNS-E disks are labelled RNS
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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