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diversity vs. single?

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What is the difference between single and diversity antenna?
If I have a Bose Radio with XM ...which adapter I'll need?
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The Symphony and Nav+ need two antennas, (HF and ZF, main and diversity) for best reception, the Concert has only one antenna. Without diversity reception might be poor. If you have a Symphony now, see what happens when you unplug the ZF connector, in an area with good signal, you might not even see a difference...
Bose is just a set of speakers and an amplifier connected to the HU's pre-out, has nothing to do with the antennas. The XM antenna is connected to the sat radio receiver somewhere back in the trunk.
They don't have sat radio in Europe and the Kufatek adapter may be missing some wires. I have the same (Symphony, Bose, XM + OnStar), will see how that works when my adapter arrives...
Those guys from Kufatec didn't respond to my emails. Either they don't speak english or don't care about overseas clients. Well I ordered my cables from other source and hopefully I will get them within a week or so.
Yeah, Kufatec always ignores me until the 5th or 6th email. Then I get 5 or 6 replies :) Where did you end up getting your stuff from?
I bought it on from Ralf...I guess he is the ony guy with verified Paypal account. Fast replies and he speak some english.
@racervw and @PROXUS

sorry we have some many mails.

I answer to you message in 3-4 days.

we have all adapters see

when have you a question please tell me this.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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