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DIS view on startup

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It seems that the RNS-E "forces" the DIS to display the compass instead of the default mpg view on startup. This happens even if I wasn't on navigation view when the unit was shutdown.

Is there anyway to change this behaviour to display the default view first, and then allow me to select the compass/instructions view when needed?
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As far as I know is there no way to cancel the compass view on start up.
Turn off compass in the nav settings of the RNS-E
Press NAV,

then press SETUP,

then scroll down to COMPASS,

and deselect.
This works, but then you lose the streetname view. Is there no way to keep the streetname view and unable just the startup "always on compass view" ?
Noticed this too. Now to figure out which I want - the streetname view or having to toggle the compass view at startup. Decisions, decisions... :)
Mütze said:
This works, but then you lose the streetname view. Is there no way to keep the streetname view and unable just the startup "always on compass view" ?
Not that anyone has posted here.
PetrolDave said:
Not that anyone has posted here.
In my Audi A2, I can tick the compass at the RNS-E. When I do that, I have the compass/street name view at start up in the DIS. If the box is untick I don’t have the street name view at all, not even when I push the reset button to swap the DIS view. Only when I start the navigation, am I able to see the street name in the DIS.
Is this behaviour the same as in your car?
Other question, when the navigation is active and my DIS displays the fuel consumption, gets the navigation view automatically activated in the DIS (as the new task is mentioned by the lovely women in RNS-E)?

Think about it. The DIS/board computer and the Navigation unit are two separate components. The DIS only knows the board computer stuff. Once it receives over CAN the message from the Navi "Hey, here I am", it reorganizes the layout, moves the audio source and temp up to the first two lines and gives the Navi access to the middle part of the DIS.

Now it's the Navi which decides what to display there. If you are not in route guidance and have the compass checkd, the Navi displays in its assigned section of the DIS the compass, and because it knows, it displays the street youare on as well. If you are in route guidance it will only show routing information, part of which is the street name you are on or you are going to be on.

So, if you deselect the Navi screen to get back to your board computer, it will stay there until you activate route guidance and the Navi tells the DIS again "here I am". The Navi doesn't know about your fuel consumption or distance to empty. And the DIS/board computer doesn't know about the street you are on.

It's the same in my A4 B6. If I deselect the navi screen it stays in board computer mode until a) I turn on route guidance or b) I switch back to the navi screen. Even if the lady thinks she has to say something, the DIS will not switch back to the Navi if you manually moved away form the navi screen.
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