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It can take several minutes for GPS to provide an accurate position, until then the RNS-E is using dead reckoning so it's position can be inaccurate.

Every morning my RNS-E tells me I'm off road, then after 100 yards or so it puts me back on road, but then after a sharp road junction it tells me I'm off road again. It corrects itself after about half a mile.

When I've checked it sees 2 satellites at start-up and by the time it corrects itself it's seeing usually 5-8 satellites.

This is pretty normal behaviour for a GPS based system - I've had 2 different Alpine systems (installed by dealers), an Audi RNS-D (factory installed) and now the RNS-E - and they all behave the same way.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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