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differences between US and Euro RNS-E units??

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other than satellite radio, AM/FM tuning, and station ID info does
anyone know if there are any other differences between the US and
Euro units??

for example::
-- does the US system allow you to enter a new destination while in
motion??.. does the european??..

-- is the european system easier to integrate TV/DVD??..

-- in the Audi ad found on this forum, the colors appear to be
different on the US vs. pics i've seen of the Euro -- anyone

when someone gets the US DVD working, will any of these differences

thanks .. troy
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There are only 2 color schemes: Day mode and Night mode.
You can use AUTO which basically will do it automatically for you.





Major difference is lack of traffic channels for US. But it's rather
lack of radio station than hardware capabilities.
I hope that it will be possible to use XM traffic info channels for
that purpose. Hard to tell because there is no SATradio in EU

If I remember good you will need to stop to type in dirrections in
both versions.

I found one more small difference with button tags.
First 2 buttons in EU version are: RADIO and CD/TV while in US version are AM/FM and CD/SD
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You can enter information while in motion on the US spec model - at least the 4B0 035 192 R.
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