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Differece between 2005 and 2005_2 EU DVD

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What is the change, what improvements are made to the software and the maps....?
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The new 0330 and 0360 software includes several improvements, mostly phone relates. However, the map data is newer and the pause feature for MP3/CD is a first in this version. If you upgrade to the 03xx software you must have a 03xx DVD, older DVDs won't work anymore.
What is the upgrade procedure? - do you just put the disk in and it does it automatically or do you need to press some buttons?

As far as i have read its automatic, but once done you cant go back to the older version
Do you have more details on the phone upgrades

I am waiting for new dvd to come out so i can purchase and make and update cd for my 4B0 unit in my b5.

i'd really like to get dialer screen etc (BT module finally arrives tomorrow - wiring has been done so we'll see how it goes just need to plug it in)

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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