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I,ve had rns_d + tmc & glovebox cd changer now for about 9 months with no probs,i installed dietz 1412 + dvd player today but i am now getting a buzzing from rear speakers only when playing dvd with engine running(its ok with cd & radio)the harder i rev the higher the buzzing,i know the A4 rear speakers work through an amplifier which might be the problem ? but is there a solution to this.


Correction the interference is coming through all speakers ,would a suppressor on the alternator help ?
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No, it wouldn't. Chances are you either have a bad ground or the Dietz is causing interference. Make sure the Dietz and radio are grounded to the same spot.

I had the same issue, do your best to keep power lines and RCA lines from DVD and Dietz seperated when you tuck th em in the dash
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