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Dietz DVB Tuner 1490

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I'm thinking of getting the 1490 digital tuner for rns-e and have only found one posting on it which doesnt have much feedback on installation or reception. I am particularly interested in the installs in the UK and what reception is like when driving arround in the city/country and mortorway, but any will do as i'm sure there are other people from else where that are interested in this. I would also be getting the IMU 1450 to control dietz unit from the rns-e.
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someone here said he would post pictures of it. I'm still waiting...
I have one installed. It works great in Berlin. But i have some receptionproblems in the countryside. The picture is brilliant, very sharp! Because it is digital the reciver is working or not! Not as with a analog system, where you have slighty picturefaults (snow).

Im on the final install stages of my DVB-T installation.

I have made a switch box to switch between DVB and analogue tuners, but not finished the install yet as I have been busy installing kit for other users.

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