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I have worked outall the details with Dietz on pricing and now I have an order of Dietz adapters coming and they will be here within three weeks, that could mean anytime within the next three weeks (I'm listing three weeks to cover myself in case it is held up at customs).

The first order of Dietz adapters is listed with the following, the number of adapters, type of adapter, and the price that they will sell for.

10 - 1280 video in motion $188.50
10 - 1417 multimedia interface RNS-E $256.50
4 - 61010 CAN BUS interface $117.00

plus shipping on items.

I can take pre-orders but they require a deposit of at least 50% to hold the item for anyone. Otherwise just keep looking at the website for updates and eventual posting of the items.


Lanny ([email protected])
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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