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Hello Everybody,

last week i replaced the battery of my Audi Q7 and after that, car cranked and fired well but nothing on MMI display is working.
  • No light on the control panel
  • on the screen, MMI logo comes up for a while and then blank again
  • Have tried the 3 button reset process but that doesn't work also
  • Have checked all the fuses and nothing is blown over there also
  • System clock is showing date from 2006 and have no idea if i could adjust the dates out of MMI, either through instrument pane or VCDS.
I have order two pieces of "Audi Genuine Optical Loops" for further diagnosis but don't know how to proceed with this diagnostics and how to do this DIY, ideally in a step by step and with pictures.

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Below is the readings of Optical Bus Diagnostics;

Control Module Part Number: 4L0 910 468
Component and/or Version: J533__Gateway H06 0040

Optical Bus Diagnostic : Standard

Controller Electrical Optical
19-CAN Gateway OK OK
07-Control Head(High/D3) OK OK
0E-Media Player 1 OK OK
77-Telephone OK OK
47-Sound System ERROR ERROR
67-Voice Control OK OK
56-Radio OK OK
37-Navigation OK ERROR
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