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Custom harness for Phatbox & Sirius Radio!!!!! DONE!!!!!

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I open up VAG, controller 56, recode 07 and try to change the 6th digit from a "1" to a "3", to enable Satellite Radio, but it keeps the same coding as I had before?

Anyways it working without recoding it.

So now I have a 2000 B5 S4, EU RNS-E converted to US Maps, and OEM Sirius Satellite Radio with a Audi Phatbox without using any kind of toggle switch for changing between Sirius & Phatbox!

I'll be writing something up this weeked along with some pix of the process. I can assist anyone wanting to hook up their Phatbox and a Satellite Radio to their car the way I did if you just email me.

I really couldn't have done it without the help of Lee and his write up. His install was just a little different than what I was after but he definitely knew what I wanted and helped me with the whole process!
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Nice job! Looking forward to seeing the pictures. It would also be great if you could list part numbers and sources for the pins and plugs, makes it easier for the rest of us when it's time to start this mod.
I imagined that you used the 13 pin DIN male-to-female cable for the kenwood that is sold at Crutchfield for $30?

Kenwood CA-C2EX
CD/MD Changer Extension Cable

See link and pix:

Luckily, that cable comes with all 13 pins as a straight through to both ends. All we need is someone from Crutchfield following these posts...and the price of these cables with increase 4x. Ha! :lol:

Well done. That cable will make it easy to run the 3 wires for audio via the SAT tuner pass through. Awesome!!!

I can't wait to see your write-up on this. This is exactly the same track that I'll be taking when I install my RNS-E, Dietz 1417, OEM SAT tuner (with Pbox) etc...etc. Then my 2001 A6 will be complete.


PS: Lee H is a mastermind when it comes to wiring up the OEM SAT tuners and the CANbus. He's awesome!!!
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TeddyBGame said:
Then my 2001 A6 will be complete.
Ted, I don't belive that your car will ever be complete. :lol:
Teddy, that Kenwood cable is the exact one I used. I found it looking for some 13pin DINS and came across a pin out and it looked like it used "ALL" 13 pins, so I contacted Kenwood and they sent me a pin out. Once I got it, the pinouts confirmed all 13 pins were connected.

I haven't had much time to do a write up, but I will do as soon as I get a chance. I did take some pictures and notes on which wires you cut and splice into so if you do want to make it then it'll be that much easier to find the wires you want!
Here, let me make this a bit easier for you (and the rest). Lee gave me a "heads up" that you two were cooking something up.

Please note, I don't mean to steal your thunder by posting this content; I am just so happy that this has been confirmed and working. I have a "sh*t eating grin" from ear-to-ear as I'm typing this. I'll be so happy to have my RNS-E installed with the Phatbox and OEM Sirius. It will be such a clean looking install...without any extra "stuff" cluttering up my dash. No need for me to install the Sirius Starbase (although, I might just hook it up anyway for the time being as I love Sirius; then sell it on ebay).

See link to Lee's updated SAT tuner install (go to page 17 and 18 for the updated content) - remember to click "save as" and the pdf will be downloaded:

Again, kudos to Lee H for uncovering this nugget of knowledge when he did his OEM Sat upgrade. Having OEM MP3 (pbox) and OEM SAT tuner - wrapped into an RNS-E - is the ultimate. This gives us an edge over our counterparts with the C6 A6 and D3 A8 (no OEM MP3 for you!!! Ha!).

Now all we need is someone to start building these custom cables and start listing them on ebay for $100. I give it 2 weeks. Ha!!
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try a 13-pin din from

if you solder its a bit cheaper and its not hard to do

buy the 13 pin DIN MALE plug and 6 ft cable for 6.95 and buy a female 13 pin jack for 2.99

since parts are small can order a lot before S&H goes up any
sure...but soldering those 13 pin DIN connectors (via are a biatch. By buying the Kenwood cable, all you need to do is cut into three wires and route accordingly. More $$...but less hassle....and somewhat cleaner.

Todd will keep us posted. Won't you Todd?!?! :) Ha!!
Actually you need to cut 4 wires, but use only 3 of them! I'll post the color of the 1 wire I cut, and the 3 color wires I used.
right on kenwood - easier didn't see it 1st...

however a nice benefit i was able to make a shorter harness (about 6-10 inches).

also can make signal r/l/gnd any length without additonal splices by leaving long then cutting rest short.

btw to solder pins used a "cold heat" solder iron $20 it has a lil fork for the tip makes solder din pins surprisingly easy and doesnt get hot - i had bought extra din jack just in case and had no need beautiful solder and i don't consider myself good:).

my impression is you just use pin 4 for signal ground as its common so can take both and connect to single gnd pin
I actually used pin #2 for audio ground. The only real reason I used pin #2 for audio ground was that the wire that Kenwood used was probably a 20 gauge wire as opposed to the pin #4 wire being about 22-24 gauge.
good to know i'll have my buddy get the kenwood cable for his install.

btw get a chance to mail the discs?
todd1010 said:
Actually you need to cut 4 wires, but use only 3 of them! I'll post the color of the 1 wire I cut, and the 3 color wires I used.
Correct. I just had a closer look to page 17's of Lee's pdf. Yes, you cut four but only route the the three/six via the SAT tuner (3 goes in..and 3 come out; very simple).

When you can, please post the colors of the wires inside the Kenwood cable so we know which ones to cut etc. Thanks again Todd! Well done!!
Here's the cutout of the Kenwood 13 pin Cable. Notice I used the BROWN/TAN wire for the Audio Ground at pin #2 instead of the Green.

PURPLE- pin #1 (Right Channel)
BROWN- pin #2 (Audio Ground)
RED(THICK)- pin #3 (Left Channel)
GREEN- pin #4 (Not Connected, either side!!!)

Nice work. I assume this is working ok. Do you hear any audio "pops" when you switch from OEM SAT to Phat?

Thanks for doing the work on this. Well done!!

Well, i've got everything i need for the plug/play harness for my Phatbox and Sirius tuner. Unfortunately, one particular part has been on national backorder for a month and is needed to run Audio in/out and CANbus control for the OEM Sirius or XM tuner.

Here is the part#: 3D0-972-708 (T8s connector).

FYI - You can order some of the other pins, wires, connectors from They offer great prices and can process your order via the web. They are don't expect to see parts for a 1+ week.

You can also source these parts via

complete and updated pix on how to build one of these plug/play adaptors can be found at: (go to the downloads section and see my 56 slide pdf).

Nice write up! My cable has been functioning perfectly since the day I installed it. I've never had any hissing or popping during any audio input change.

My next project will be to add the submarine style antenna on the roof. I'm still not sure about the look of that or any antenna on the roof, but it will definitely be better than the satellite radio antenna on the deck which I hate. and it doesn't seem to work that great back there.

If anyone has a Nogaro Blue submarine style antenna for sale, let me know.
Do you have the antenna on the rear deck or under it?

I just put mine on the rear deck. Used the magnet on the rear speaker grilles. It hides behind the small center headrest, so I don't even see it. I haven't had Sirius drop out once since putting it there.
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