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Creating backup of 2005_2 DVD

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Hi guys,

Just installed the newest 0360 2005_2 DVD on my older -C- unit (Hardware 053 / Software 0100).
The upgrade took about 5 minutes and the user interface of the unit is now the same as the -D- version.
It displays the clock in the bottom of the screen and the power button is now morphed into a mute button. Press it 3 seconds to power off the unit.

On the internet they say it isn't possible to create a personal backup.
BUt U managed to create a backup of this DVD, so it's still possible to make safety backups on Dual Layer DVD's (ofcourse only for own use if you already bought the original).

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Backing up the 2005_2 can be done on a Mac - see,25,26,27,3/Number/508156/an/0/page/0#508156

So far no luck on a PC though.
powertony said:
It's a real mute button.
So the mp3 card won't stop playing..
I've just upgraded to 0360, and - on the SD cards at least - it really is a Pause not just Mute button.

Don't know about CD's - my CD changer still doesn't work.

And, of course, the people on the radio will continue to talk :D
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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