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Couple quick questions about the new US update

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I'm at work and won't be able to update my system until later this evening... but I'm like a kid the night before Christmas here, and can't wait to get home and do this.

Until then, maybe those of you could answer a couple quick questions for me, in regards to some of the new changes. There were a few very minor features in the EU 0100 software that came with my unit that I've missed since I converted it to US 0040, and I'm very anxious to see if Audi has included them.

Obviously, its been covered that the TEL functions are added, but the disclaimer is still there and the unit turns off with the engine, not removing the key. However, could you let me know if any of these EU features were added to the US software this time around:

* Radio station genre info (e.g., "Rock", "Classical", "Jazz") in the FM display, and the abillity to filter the stations shown by those genres.

* Voice guidance uses City and Road names more in the previous EU software (for example, it would say "I-476 S towards Philadelphia" instead of just "I-476 South")

* Also, any chance they changed the color highways are displayed in (or any roads for that matter)? I liked everything about the US color scheme more except that highways were blue... always looked like rivers to me.

Thanks for the preview. I can't wait to see for myself tonight!
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