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Correct TMC for B5 A4

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Can anyone help ?

After searching and reading the Stickys I am still having difficulty identifying the correct TMC unit for my car. My car is a 2000 B5 A4 with digital clock instrument cluster. The Nav+ unit part number is 8D0 035 192 G. I need a TMC unit for both dynamic re-routing (I'm in the UK) and instrument cluster use. I understand that the part number for the TMC should be 4B1 919 894 but I am having difficulty finding one. I have seen one with part number 8E0 919 894 B but am unsure of its compatibility. Has anyone used a TMC for the both dynamic re-routing and Instrument cluster use with this part number in a B5 like mine or any other TMC units for that matter.

Many thanks

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read the quicklinks for more datails.

you can get a new TMC from or a used one via for much less.
Thanks for the reply.

Is this the bit from the Quick links you are refering to ?

'Also, it has been proven that CAN gateways can work across the A4/A6/A8 model range (a C5 A6 unit has been tested and worked in a B5 A4/S4). The reason that the VAG part numbers are different is because of the model-specific mounting bracket. Per Jon Lofquist: the 8E0 unit TMC will work with any of the nav+ units for CAN Gateway function. I have tested my 8E0 919 895B TMC with 4B0, 4D0, 8D0, and 8D0 navis.'

I guess this means that an 8E0 TMC will work in my A4 B5 for the instrument cluster. But will it also work for Dynamic re-routing ? Or am I misunderstanding something ?


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I have now installed the 8E0 TMC in my 2000 B5 A4 and it works correctly for both Instrument Cluster information and Dynamic Re-routing.

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