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Hope someone can help, I'm currently fitting 3G+ into my A6 4F, I've fitted the A8 HU but struggling to convert the unit to run the 767 firmware. The unit is currently running the 770 firmware. I have edited the metainfo2.txt file from the 8R0906961DH(767) firmware and added the variant and changed the checksum, as shown below.

release = "HN+_EU_AU3G_K0767"
vendor = "HBAS"
variant = "9498"
variant2 = "9410"
variant3 = "9411"
region = "Europe"
region2 = "RoW"
finalScript = "./finalScript"
finalScriptName = "FinalScript"
finalScriptCRC = "b0fd78c0"
finalScriptMaxTime = "20"
delMmeBackups = "true"
skipEraseOrphanedImageHeaders = "true"
MetafileChecksum = "3BD52382"

I go into green menu and select the custom option, and the go into the custom firmware update.

I select the MU and everything goes from a version number to 0

I was reading a thread on a German forum but the information in some of the posts have been deleted.

Anyone done this retrofit, or know how to change the firmware. My variant is 9411
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