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connector pin out information request - Help

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Confirmation required for wiring issue on A4 2003 B6:

Does anyone know the colour of the CAN bus wires of pins 19 and 20 of the blue plug that connects to the back of the instrument display unit?

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The infotainment CAN should be orange/lilac (high) and orange/brown (low).
Thanks AudiA4B6US

Just for absolute confirmation, what number pin does what?

In the wiring plan I have CAN high orange/lilac is in T32/20, CAN low orange/brown is in T32/19 where T32 is the blue connector behind the instrument cluster.

Are you sure that you don't have CAN high/low in the 20pin connector behind the radio?
I currently have the NAV+ system fitted but about to install RNS-E system,
hense my requirement for the CANBUS info.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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