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...or could not be established"

This has been my navigation for the last 8 months. I have tried everything, including:

Disconnecting and reconnecting all of my wires and harnesses, checked to make sure everything was set up right, pulled fuses, disconnected battery.

The car is a 2000 A6. The first month I owned this, it worked fine. I bought the TMC-CANbus unit, installed it but never got around to programming the car for it. The system has never been able to lock on an FM station either. I bought this unit for a well-known dealer on this board and everything came together and tested.

Then, I took a trip, changed disks for the first time, and about 3 days after I got home, I got this error for the first time. Then, it happened every so often, getting progressively worse. After a month, it was happening every time I turned on my Nav. Not only does it give this error, but is announced with a uncontrollably loud beep with more bass then I think my speakers were made to handle. No matter what I do, I can't stop this loud noise.

The system freezes, I hit "return" to clear the error. It will give me the beep and error one more time about a minute later, and I clear it with another "return". The navigation system never activates after this and runs slowly. I have no steering wheel controls.

To get the system working again, I can turn the car off or the system off for about 15 minutes and turn it back on. I have steering wheel controls and the Nav works again fine. No FM stations lock in.

I have the Nov 15, 2001 software for the system, and I just noticed tonight that I have the June 26, 2000 software version for the TMC.

It doesn't make sense to me that the system worked, and then slowly died. It also doesn't make sense that this thing would not work at start up, but work after faulting, then being cleared and turned off; it's an enigma.

Any suggestions that anyone has, please post. I am in Boston, MA so anyone locally who feels ambitious enough to tackle this POS I would love the help. TIA.
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