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hello!i recently bought an rns-e navi from an a6 and i am going to install it in my audi s3 model 2003 8L not 8P!
i have already ordered the needed adaptor from ralf diverter in germany!

he told my that rns-e takes all the signals needed as speed signal,reverse signal,illumination over can bus!as i have heard here the rns-e from a6 needs analogue speed and reverse signal!is that true?

note that my car had a concert2 radio cd,originaly fitted and is already can bus equipped!

the part number of the rns i bought is 4B0035192P

please help!!! :roll:
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I have a 2002 A6, and I did have to hook up the speed or GALA wire from the dask. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think that you can re-code the unit to think that it is for an A4 or maybe even an A3 so you do not have to do this. Not 100% sure though so please search or ask...
I tried this in my '01 A6 and it caused the RNS to throw fault codes in VAG for "CAN network - implausible signal". Besides the fault codes, it still did not get reverse or speed signals over CAN.

My suggestion is to connect the speed wire and reverse signals seperately so it will work properly with no questions.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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