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Connecting RNS-E EU-version to Rear Speakers

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Hello Guys!

A year ago, I've installed (did it my self) rear speakers into my audi A4B6 (before purchasing the RNS-E). Last month I've posted a topic about the can wires and your anwers were great and helpfull!

Now that I'm almost done with the installation of the RNS-E, I come to the audio part. The RNS-E has only 4 pins to the front speakers; one of you wrote on this forum (and also in my earlier topic) that there is a way to connect the rear speakers to the RNS-E using an amplifier!
Can someone explain to me how to do that? Where do I have to connect the amplifier; between the RNS-E and the 8 pins of my speakers plug?
What kind of amplifier must it be?
I have no bose system!
I've been seraching on the audio forum of audi-world but without any succes. (I've read also the topic of the guy with the seat leon)!

Thanks for your help guys!
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What kind of adapter did you get? You should have the line out wires in the 20 pin connector. If not then you can use the line out in connector C. Check the diagram on top of your RNS-E for the exact pin location.
Does it means that there is no use to attach an amplifier to the RNS-E. Just the use of line outs from connector C is suffisant! (by connecting them to the rear speakers pins)...
With adapter; do you mean the harness with plenty of wires? If so, the one that comes with my RNS-E has plenty of wires!
Nothing personal but if you are going to install an amplifier in your car you should be a little more specific than "plenty of wires". The RNS-E has no speaker out for the rear, only for the front speakers. The line outs are the wires you need for the (new) amplifier, speakers won't work on the line out.
I get it! :oops:

I've not purchased an amplifier yet but if i understand you. the rear-line outs should be connected to the amplifier and thern connect the amplifier to the car's rear speakers.
I'm sorry for bothering you....:)
That way it should work.
Thnak you very much!
I'll inform you about the result.

Once again. Thanks a lot :wink:
As well as the line out (audio) signals (rear left on connector C pin 5 and rear right on connector C pin 11) you will need to connect to the amplifier the signal from the RNS-E that tells the amplifier to turn on/off - this signal is on connector D pin 13 of the RNS-E (and if you have a properly wired adapter also on connector I pin 6 where the original radio used to be).

If you don't connect this wire either the amplifier won't turn on (so your rear speaksers still won't work), or your amplifier will be permanently turned on (which will discharge your car battery).

Don't forget the audio ground on connector C pin 8!!! Oh, and an unswitched power (fused!) to the amplifier.

Sorry if I'm telling you what you already know, but even if you don't need this information a future reader of this thread might find it useful.
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