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Color Display Unit

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I am picking up a color display unit off of ebay for $250. Supposedly, the unit has 0 miles and has a stock # of 8EO 920 981N. As the unit has 0 miles on it, can it just be installed or does coding need to be done at the dealer? I don't have the RNS-E yet, but I assume the unit can be used in the same fashion as the red LED unit until I upgrade to the NAV+ unit. Any hints on the proper VAG-COM coding?
Thanks in advance for your help.
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If it is for an A4 2002 and up you need to get it coded by the dealer for Immobilizer III if I am not mistaken. It is the same if you change ECUs.
Only the Audi factory will release the code to the mechanic after he sends your info to them.
I assume you are talking about the cluster unit.

So they would have to install it and then code it otherwise you are not able to start the car.

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