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Coding channel 136 voice commands problem

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My replacement RNS-E has voice commands coming out of rear passanger speaker.

Its currently coded 03226 LHD Europe

I need it 02632 RHD Europe

It doesnt allow me to change the coding....?

Also i thought it was supposed to come out of front speakers not rear..

Any Idea's...?
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What version of VAG-Com are you using?

It should NEVER come out of the rear speakers - have you checked the line out wiring and speaker wiring in your adapter cable?
It used to work with my preveouse unit and i could code the other unit, but when i installed the new one it came from the rear, and wont lt me code

Im using vag 510 with the full cable
Try coding it to 13, I've had a few units do that.

Getting somewhere, thats moved it to drivers side rear....

why is it in the rear...?
bah35uk said:
why is it in the rear...?
Faulty unit or wiring error?
The wireing hasnt been altered in anyway, just the unit.

I can use the balance and fader to check each speeker works so dont think its wireing...

Must be another adaption code to move it to the the 13 craig suggested moved it to the drivers side at least...
The only codes I've seen (courtesy of are:

5 - US LHD
13 - US RHD
2632 - EU RHD
3226 - EU LHD

No mention of front/rear. I'm using 2632 in my UK (EU RHD) car with no problems. Originally I had SW 0080 and have updated to 0100 and now 0360 without affecting this.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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