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I am trying to work out the correct VAG codes for my installer. I am adding BT phone module (ver C) to a 2006 A3 with Symphony II and MFSW (no RNS-E). Looking at the RNS-E FAQ on this site I see there are three groups of settings and I think I have most of it. Can someone confirm what I have and help with the missing pieces:

STG 17 - add 2 to the current value?
STG 56 Function 07 - 0215?1x
Not sure what the ? should be
x could be 5 or 7? Not sure if CD Changer refers to the one in Symphony?
STG 56 Function 10 - are these relevant for BT or are they just for RNS-E?

This is for an Australian (i.e RHD) car if that makes a difference.

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According to, the coding for the Symphony in #56 is the following:

xxx?xx: Fader/BOSE/Amplifier
+1 - Fader display off
+2 - BOSE logo off
+4 - turn off amp on incoming call

xxxx?x: Options I
+1 - with Navigation
+2 - with Telephone
+4 - with SDS

xxxxx?: Options II
+1 - with antenna diversity
+2 - with CD changer
+4 - with multifunction steering wheel

CD changer should be the external glovebox changer as the internal changer is always installed.

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You have an A3 so the only coding neccessary for the car is the CAN gateway, module 19.

Tick the box that says "telephone" in the long coding helper.

As for the symphony, I would follow Dirk's coding info.

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