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Clock on EU -> US unit

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I have been running an EU unit flashed with the US software for awhile and most everything works great. My question is about the clock, I have a settings menu for pulling the time from the gps reciever (the option is disabled) or from the cluster (which is the only enabled option), but I don't see the time displayed anywhere. Was this just a euro 330 feature or have I missed something?
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The time does not get displayed with US software 0020 or EU software 0140 or older. Only EU software 0330 or newer display the time. However, the arrival time will change based on your cluster time. Only if no cluster/CAN is connected the option to use GPS is available (and automatically selected).
Thanks, wasn't sure about that.
Thanks guys.

So, for my EU install (with US software) flashed to 0140, am I able to disable the clock in the RNS-E entirely.

Obviously, I'm a bit sad that the clock (via CAN via inst. cluster) info that the RNS-E translates from inst cluster will wrong. Therefore, If I navigate to a destination and the ETA is 2-3 hours different, then I would rather disable the clock in the RNS-E all together...and just default to the clock in the cluster. Am I making any sense?

There is nothing to disable on the RNS-E and sw 0140 is the Euro software, not the US software. :wink:

If you are getting a Euro unit it must have Euro software 0140 or older to allow the upgrade to the US software 0020. If the Euro unit comes with 0330 or newer the US software upgrade won't work.

Euro units running sw 0330 or higher are showing the current time at the bottom of the RNS-E screen (in addition to the arrival time on the right side of the screen). Older Euro software and the US software don't do this. On such units only the arrival time is shown.

And again, as soon as the CAN-bus is connected to the RNS-E it will look for date/time from the cluster, regardsless whether the cluster is supporting this or not. The (automatic) selection of time from GPS is only available if no CAN is connected.
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I thougth I remember someone here mentioning something about a little work around for the wrong time?

If I remember correctly it was something like: unplug your RNS-E sometime before 12am-midnight, and right at midnight connect it?

I don't know but it was something to that extreme?
if that actually works... I am totally doing it. My ETA is off by 10 hours sometimes!
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