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Cheaper alternative for the Bluetooth Mic?

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I am sure the Audi mic is very nice at $135, but I was hoping for something a little cheaper.

Does anyone have a different mic that will work?

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I'm just testing my old mic from Parrot CK 3000. It works but I have some problems with it caused probably by inproper coding with VAG.

I will adjust all parameters and then confirm, but IMHO any MIC will be good.

You could even try any cell prone mic as well.
I thought the Audi Mic had a preamp. I could be wrong, but I thought I read that somewhere.
From what I read so far, all the OEM mics are very similar (if not the same). If you can find an Audi with OnStar or a B5 with the phone kit, the mic should have the same part number. I don't think non-OEM mics will work that well, based on what I read so far.
I tried the one that came with my Nokia car kit, and it didn't work too well. Unless I was speaking 2"from the mic, nothing could be heard.

I played with adaptation and kicked it up to +6db. No real difference.
I can understand you wanting a cheaper mic, but really you will be dissapointed with anything but the audi one. The mic is designed to work with the electronic control box, the noise cancellation is excellent, so why compromise?

If the US people were getting the same functionality as the Euro people, I wouldn't compromise.

What we have now is nothing more than a regular Bluetooth kit for several hundered dollars more. :(
Only until the SW is updated surely?

So be a scout and "Be prepared"

i have an extra audi mic brand new that i got about 3 weeks ago from clair parts...let me know if you need a mic still
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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