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Change from German -> English on Dashboard ?

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I just bought a Audi A6 3.0 -2003 and it has CD-based NaviPlus system.

One thing that I haven't managed to do is to get the information in English on the display that is in the midle of the dashboard. It shows either NaviPlus information or on-board-computer information. All in German, and I prefer to have it in the queens english (or us-english for that matter).

Anyone know how to do that?

Thanks, DiveMaster
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Based in US, Germany or UK?

try flipping through the owners manual for a nav+....for starters:

you might need to use to get to the appropriate menu.

Good luck!
I've tried the manual

I'm living in northern Europe (Sweden) and bought the car in Germany.
I've flipped through the German manual and managed to change the display and voice language of the Navi+ to English. However the language on the dash display remains German. I took German classes for 5 years in school but that's like 15-20 years ago so I thought I'd ask here if someone knew how to do it already.
((( DiveMaster )))
If you have a VAG-COM, check the coding in STG 17, function 07. The 3rd digit is the country selection and should be changed from 0 (Germany) to 1 (rest of world, left hand drive). Your friendly Audi dealer can do that in a few second as well. This will change the language settings of your instrument cluster to English but keep the metric settings for the gauges.
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